Vidal's Verse

I am still haunted by memories and feelings that should have long ago passed. The problematic curse of an almost perfect memory. Do I remember the days perfectly or do I remember her as being perfect?

These are just stories told poetically. This is a place for my words to live. Some lead good lives and others not so much. I would call these Poetic Stories. 

The Life of Friends is Sometimes the Greatest Insult

As she walked up to him after months of silence she wondered how it would go. What could she say to him after leaving him like that, without even a goodbye. Not even a goodbye for the boy who held her heart, even if only briefly. “I know I don’t deserve even this after I left you the way I did, and that I can not just waltz back into your life, but I was hoping we could still be friends.” He looked at her like a fire was burning behind his eyes, and she feared it would escape when he opened his mouth to speak. To speak these words, the words she would remember for the rest of her life “No, we can not be friends. Do you think just because you ran off with your ex that it would sway me? That it would stop me from being who I am?” She could only muster “What do you mean?” And a cruel smile started creeping across his face, “What I mean is I am not a quitter, I will not be swayed from how I feel about you. I am coming after you, coming after you with a ferocity you have never seen before. It will be like there is no past, only future; And you will see the type of man I truly am. But if you ever pull a stunt like this again, I will ruin you. Believe me when I say it; Friends is not an option, anything less than lovers is an insult, I will win your heart back.” A tear ran down her cheek as she said “Good luck, to the both of us.”

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